Hadley Barrett, Legendary ProRodeo Announcer
Hadley Barrett

“Hey concerning Mark…you know, Mark? Hang on…I’ll think of it in a moment…Mark the clown, the guy with the funny car and the fire truck?

Just kidding, of course! I’m talking about my friend, Mark Swingler. Just let me say he is a true pro. He is sincere about being the best he can be every time he enters the arena. His acts are well thought out and well performed, his material is clean and entertaining. He is a good guy in and out of the arena. I love working with him and you will too.”

Hadley Barrett, Pro Rodeo Announcer

Cory Wall, 2009 PRCA Bull Fighter of the Year
Cory Wall

“As a member of the PRCA since 1997, I’ve worked with numerous barrel men all over the country. Mark is at the top of a short list of barrel men that is professional and knowledgeable in every area of a barrel man. Mark knows how to position a barrel and is willing to assist when needed during the bull riding. His clown act is second to none. And Mark has a unique ability to make those around him step up their game. Mark is a true friend and an all around awesome guy!”

Cory Wall, 2009 PRCA Bull Fighter of the Year

Wayne Brooks, ProRodeo Announcer
Wayne Brooks

“Outstanding new act – just what the rodeo world needed! Mark is always a pleasure to work with, and he is the consummate professional.”

Wayne Brooks, Pro Rodeo Announcer

Dusty Tuckness, Bull Fighter
Dusty Tuckness

“I’ve got to know Mark the last 9 years and have had the opportunity to work with him at some major rodeos. Not only does he bring natural comedy to the arena, but professionalism as well. Not only has Mark been nominated as one of the best, he’s also helped out our industry as being our director in the past which he made some big changes that are great today! You know your rodeo fans will be entertained if you see Swingdaddy in the arena!”

Dusty Tuckness, Bull Fighter

Andy Burelle, Bull Fighter
Andy Burelle

“Mark truly is the whole package when it comes to entertainment. I have admired and enjoyed his work and professionalism for the last 15 years, both inside and outside of the arena. Mark deserves a lot of credit for writing and creating all of his own acts, originality is a strong attribute in a barrelman. An often understated part of being a barrelman is the actual work that you do while in the barrel. Mark does excellent work in the barrel, not only from a comedy standpoint, but he is also a team player, helping both bullfighters and bullriders. I cannot thank him enough after a wreck this summer in Colorado Springs. I took the shot for a bullrider and I was thrown 10 feet in the air; Mark positioned himself between me and the bull and took the next hit. I am sure his keen intuition and willingness to be a team player saved me from injury. I have worked with a lot of barrelmen and this takes talent. Mark truly is the whole package: a great entertainer, excellent at comedy, and excels in the barrel.”

Andy Burelle, Bull Fighter

Charlie Throckmorton, ProRodeo Announcer & PRCA Gold Card Member
Charlie Throckmorton

“Mark Swingler is not just a “rodeo clown”, he is an entertainer. One who demonstrates impeccable timing in the arena. His ability of working a crowd is amazing as well as it should be with years of experience and a gift of communication skills. Every performance is always different from the next and Swingler almost never does the same routine. He keeps it fresh. In the modern day of rodeo interaction with a crowd, the key is to entertain an educated audience. Mark is intelligent, fresh at each performance, aware of news stories, and amazing at press appearances in television and radio. All one has to do is give him one word and he rolls. This makes an announcer’s job easy and enjoyable.”

Charlie Throckmorton, ProRodeo Announcer & Gold Card Member of the PRCA